Aug 21

New Cab Day!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Paul at Zilla for building me a cab for my shiva rig.

This thing looks amazing and can’t wait to get it plugged in and going on Sunday night!

Aug 13

Busy Busy Busy

Since our final Idle Maestro gig at the end of July i’ve been concentrating all of my time working with Groove Central, building our repertoire and putting together a strong set of soul, funk, pop and rock tunes.

Our first gig at The Alexandra in Harrogate was a huge success followed by a smaller more intimate night at The Blues Bar on the following Sunday night. I’d like to say thank you to Alex, who is also an ex LCM student, who filled in on lead vocals for the two gigs as our original singer left unexpectedly.

On Sunday (26/08/2012) Groove Central will be playing their third gig at Christies in Harrogate to celebrate the bank holiday weekend. Unfortunately Alex wasn’t able to fill in for this night and we have a new dep singer Amy.

Jul 07

Farewell Idle Maestro

After three years of hard work we’ve unfortunately come to the end of the road.

After several line up changes we had finally found a great sounding power trio and which was well rehearsed and had a great feel. Unfortunately the time has come where we have decided to all move onto other projects.

There are no ill feelings and we are all still great friends

We will be playing one last show at Monteys in Harrogate on 28th July as part of the Harrogate Fringe Festival. Monteys has always had a great crowd and is one of the venues that we always feel at home.

Please come down and show your support for what is going to be an amazing night.


It is with very heavy hearts that we announce our last ever performance as Idle Maestro.

We have been lucky enough to play some awesome venues, mix with a host of top bands and meet a shed load of decent people along the way.

Although we never quite made it to where we wanted to be, we have enjoyed every minute and hope you have too.

It’s not always been easy and we are testament of the uphill struggle that many bands are facing in the current climate of original music.

We doff our caps to all the bands that continue the hard slog to realise their dream, and we wish them well in their endeavours.

Thank you once again for your support over the last four years and we hope you can join us at Montey’s Rock Cafe on 28 July for what will be an incredible night of live music.

All the best,

Al, Max and Charles

Jun 20

Groove Central

So the time is finally here to tell you all about my new project with Dan Burnett. Groove Central – Function Band Yorkshire.

This project came about after Dan and I had done a few accoustic duo gigs in the local area. We were approached a few times and asked to play both private parties and offered more acoustic gigs.

The more we spoke to promoters and audiences it became apparent that there was a gap for a female fronted band playing modern hits as well as classic soul and funk.

We have since been joined by three other exceptional musicians in the form of Alasdair Simpson, Greg Vincent and Sadie Smyth.

For more information on this project and to keep up to date with us like our Facebook page. or alternitavly our website

Jun 09

New Bass Board

I haven’t posted in a little while as i have been busy on with lots of projects, I’m sure you will hear all about them as they progress.

Finally finished my pedalboard for Idle Maestro.

Looking forward to testing it out at the next practice on Friday night!!!

A big thank you to James for the use of your workshop to cut the board to size for me and Phil for the volume pedal loan while i wait for mine to arrive!

The board is raised slightly so i’ve managed to attach a basic in out box underneath so i can plug straight into the tuner without having to remove the volume pedal each time i setup!

It amazing what you can put together with a piece of old wood, some left over spray paint and a couple of bits of patch lead.

Apr 28

Cold outdoor gig…

So today i’ve just arrived home from playing the coldest gig EVER with Dan Burnett. When i say cold i mean colder than when i was playing outside in the Alp’s on New Years Day!!!

Unfortunately due to the wet weather not many people turned up and the rest of the gig with Kasiuss and Idle Maestro was cancelled.

Huge crowd at the Knaresborough Spring Fayre

Photos and text by Sharon van Zelst:
Dan Burnett and Charles Sellers epitomise all that is true of professional musicians. Today they sat in an almost empty market square and played to a massive audience of aprox six persons . Their hands just about frozen to their instruments while freezing their proverbial nuts off. Cars were driven in front of the stage and the road sweeper added to the atmosphere – these distractions were met with nothing but good humour and they never missed a beat. If ever you are given the chance to go and see these boys play do it – hats off to you boys -a great show of professionalism – fab sounds and I would like you to know that I had fun and enjoyed your music , esp Little wing. x

Thank to those that braved the weather and came down to support us, despite the conditions we played in and not being able to feel our fingers we had a good time! I think this quote about sums up our feelings for this gig!

Don’t find fault, find a remedy – Henry Ford

Mar 24

Knaresborough Spring Fayre

It has just been confirmed that i will be playing at the Knaresborough Spring Fayre on 28th April.

The afternoon starts at 4:30 and i will be playing two sets, one with talented blues pianist Dan Burnett and the second with original three-piece blues rock band Idle Maestro

There will also be music from Kasiuss as well as a range of events and attraction. There will be a market selling local goods and produce, as well as other street entertainment.

In Knaresborough’s castle grounds, there will be fun for all the family with fairground rides, a bouncy castle and much more.

For more information check out the Knaresborough Spring Fayre website.

Feb 22

New Function Band

This month i have started rehearsing with a new function band, I will be playing guitar and possibly doing some backing vocals (we shall see on that one…)

Until we have something ready to post online i don’t want to put up too much information, but we will be a female fronted five piece with some great funk on rock!

All i need now is buy that Zendrive i’ve always wanted!!!

Jan 23

Busy Year

I haven’t posted much on here since i’ve been up and running and for that i do apologise…

The last few weeks have been very hectic with rehearsals, gigs and finally sorting a proper bass rig (although it does need a little bit of TLC to bring it up to scratch).

This week i’ve one last gig on Friday night before heading away for a week for a family holiday (its been far too long…) The plan on my return is to have proper updates / photos and inside info on the video shoot we’re planning with Idle Maestro.

As i put in my last post 2012 promises to be a busy year.

Jan 13

New Bass Rig

Photo taken at last nights rehearsal

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